Marlena Edwards


Ms. Marlena Edwards is the founder of Remote Xccess, LLC and XCCESS, LLC. As a wearable technology entrepreneur, A.I. and Blockchain enthusiast, she was inspired to develop and utilize her patented wearable A.I. camera and future VR tech for the betterment of humanity.

She believes her wearable technology integrated with ethical A.I. will greatly contribute to enhancing healthcare, wellness, and increase efficiency across sectors.

Ms. Edwards has worked professionally in the tech-related fields and as a Sales Executive for major corporations.  She earned a string of Certificates of Completion in Business Operations, Marketing and a Certificate of Completion in the field of Big Data Analytics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) online studies.  Ms. Edwards has also earned a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc., from the University of Sedona.

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