TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                JANUARY 2022

XCCESS, LLC request that you carefully review these Terms and Conditions before utilizing our website. The following TERMS and CONDITIONS are between Xccess, LLC, “the company” and you “user(s)”.

The XCCESS.com website provides streaming video content to support our mission to promote economic empowerment through educating people about financial literacy and cryptocurrency. Also, the company curates helpful video content from third-party video platforms such Youtube to stream on XCCESS.com. Although we review the videos posted to the site, we cannot be responsible for the content streamed following the videos. XCCESS, LLC encourages users to conduct their own research or consult with experts prior to making investment decisions. By using XCCESS.com, you agree to exempt the company from any responsibility or liability for content from all third-party videos.


XCCESS.com will also promote our XCCESS Cryptocurrency tokens on the website. The user agrees that XCCESS, LLC makes no claims or guarantees XCCESS Cryptocurrency tokens have value or will increase in value. In fact, the cryptocurrency market is very volatile. By implementing the company’s core mission to facilitate financial empowerment, the company believes this may garner global support and use of XCCESS Cryptocurrency tokens


XCCESS, LLC reserves the right, at the company’s sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms and Conditions at any time without the pre-approval of users.


XCCESS, LLC will do its best to prevent all service failures to our websites and digital wallet applications. The company will strive to prevent disruptions when distributing our XCCESS Cryptocurrency tokens from the blockchain platform the tokens were built. XCCESS, LLC makes no promises or guarantees our websites, cryptocurrency blockchain platform and digital wallet mobile apps will always be error-free due to technical issues which may arise. XCCESS, LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for unforeseen disruptions and/or losses caused by reputable third-party solutions which may interface with our website and/or digital wallet mobile app. We do not have control over third-party websites and assume no responsibility for their content, privacy policy, terms and conditions and functionality.


By using XCCESS.com and the company’s digital wallet the users agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless XCCESS, LLC, the parent company, Remote Xccess, LLC, affiliates, officers, equity partners, shareholders, directors, employees, licensors, agents, and independent contractors, from and against any and all liabilities, complaints, claims, damages and losses and expenses (including attorney’s fees) due to unforeseen circumstances which may arise in the pursuit of the company executing the launch of our XCCESS Cryptocurrency tokens. The users of our internet properties, and mobile apps acknowledge and indemnify XCCESS, LLC and its parent company from any liability directly or indirectly, for loss caused or alleged from any third-party solution or link


In the case where any provision in these Terms and Conditions is found to be unenforceable, then that provision will be severed from these Terms and Conditions, but it will not invalidate the enforceability of all remaining provisions


Users understand and agree to resolve legal claims, disputes arising out of these Terms and Conditions and XCCESS Cryptocurrency tokens by using an arbitration service. Furthermore, XCCESS, LLC reserves the right to select a reputable and neutral arbitrating association to govern the arbitration process, record the binding decision and enforce the dispute-resolution.

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